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Strategic consulting for sustainability

We help organizations to integrate socio-environmental sustainability

in a research-based, applied and economically proven approach

Your benefits from implementing sustainability

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Identification of sources of innovation in products, services and business models

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Distillation of the business identity to enhance reputation and increase employee retention

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Reduction of operational costs

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Risk reduction in a changing economic, social and natural environment

Our clients say:


“The cooperation with Ayana was professional, accurate and effective. Hagar and Hila did an excellent job throughout the process, starting with a thorough analysis to understand the challenges we are facing, and ending with the development and implementation of creative and profound solutions. We can see the positive impact on the employees and the organization. We are very proud of the process and its results.


Assaf Rappaport, Adallom CEO, Microsoft

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“We have been working with Ayana for some eight months on a comprehensive plan to try and make the American Colony Hotel more sustainable and environmentally-friendly, a better place for employees, guests and all who interact with it.
Ayana has pursued a holistic approach which takes account of every factor involved in the process with a systematic, complete and practical approach to achieving our goals.
Hagar and Hila have provided us with personal, attentive and constructive support. They fully understood our hotel’s complexity and needs and have helped us build a plan that is both practical and ambitious. They constantly sought to provide us with valuable ideas and actions to achieve a significant impact.
In all our dealings with them they have been professional, reliable and well- informed, and we are happy to provide this reference for them.” 


Jeremy Berkovits, Directors’ Representative, The American Colony Hotel


“The implementation process of sustainability is a great return on investment and is an added value to our brand. We highly enjoyed working with Ayana and we continue to work together as an ongoing process into the future.” 


Itay Jonas, Owner, Atza sushi chain

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“Hagar and Hila navigated the process of the strategy consolidation successfully, while working together with the University's sustainability team. As part of the process Hagar and Hila helped us to define the vision, the mission and the goals for the strategic plan.

On a personal level, the work with Hagar and Hila was professional and pleasant, while giving great attention to our demands and flexibility in incorporating changes as we progress in the work.

We will be happy to recommend Ayana to other organizations that are looking for a similar service.” 


Professor Ofer Arazy, Director of Innovation and Sustainability, University of Haifa

Our aim is to strengthen the connection between the business world and sustainability. We do this from two directions:

Assistance to organizations

to integrate sustainability


Assistance to small businesses in the field of sustainability

to increase impact

A deep and wide process for creating an implementation plan of sustainability, for organizations who wish to become sustainable, for their sake and for society. Done through a focused and thorough process.

A new offer! Coaching for sustainability –

We will train representatives from your organization to lead the sustainability integration. We will provide all the professional and methodical support to enable a fast progress and practical results.

Experiential lectures and workshops that enhance knowledge about the sustainability challenge, with a focus on collaborative and creative problem solving.

Consulting and supporting small businesses that provide sustainable products and services, with the aim to make a leap of progress and enhance its impact.

Support for organizations in establishing opportunities for cooperation with the Sustainable Business Community, according to social and economic needs and possibilities

 "They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself."   Andy Warhol

“Our sustainability related activities have turned out to be one of our most profitable initiatives. To our surprise, they’ve turned out to be more profitable than opening up new restaurants.”

- Richard Bergfors, CEO of Max Hamburgers

Turning a profit from sustainability: “There are now at least nine companies globally that generate a billion dollars or more in annual revenue from products or services that have sustainability or social good at their core” 


- The Guardian, 2016

84% of students at top business schools across the world said they would prefer working for a company with good environmental practices. 44% would even accept a lower salary.

- Research led by Yale University, 2015

Want to talk to us? 
There is a variety of ways to get in touch:

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"You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make."

Dr. Jane Goodall

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